Hope the HIPS community is doing well! We have a very exciting opportunity  – there is a last-minute “Work on Purpose” mini-grant Echoing Green that we’re submitting a proposal for and we need your help! Only those proposals with the highest number of votes will be considered, so it’s really important to get all of your input ASAP!
Our proposal is trying to get more sex workers and drug users as peer leaders in our overnight mobile outreach van to conduct syringe exchange, distribute condoms and provide emotional support during our Mobile Outreach Activities. The benefits for both organization and community are profound; as one of our current volunteers pointed out, “We can’t be on the streets every night. We need community members to be allies when we’re not there. We need leaders and educators who are part of this community!” As an organization, we could not agree more.

Voting instructions for are included below; I know these things are cumbersome, but it only takes a few seconds. Thank you so much!

Voting Instructions:

2. Before you can vote you will need to log in by clicking the “login” button at the top right of the screen OR you can click the thumbs up and will be redirected to the login page.
3. You will be navigated to a log in page; you can log in using a facebook, twitter, gmail, whatever.
4. After you log in you will be navigated back to the blog post page (or you may need to use the above link to navigate back to the correct page). 
5. Our post is titled “HIPS After Dark: Engaging Sex Work Communities Through Overnight Mobile Outreach” and is posted by “HIPSDC”
6. Next to the title of the post there are some blue and green dots and a thumbs up sign; click on the thumbs up!
7. PLEASE reach out to your networks! Ask friends and family to vote too!

Thank you!  Please be in touch if you have any questions.