Social Networking Strategy (SNS) Testing Coordinator

Salary: Contactor, compensation based on fee for service

Reports to: Health and Supportive Services Manager

Supervises: SNS Peer Recruiters

Updated: June 2015


HIPS health and supportive services offer a variety of client-center, strength-based services at HIPS Center for Achievement and Excellence and in the community via HIPS Mobile Unit that assist sex workers, drug users and other “hard to reach” populations in reaching and setting goals that assist them in leading healthy lives. Under the general direction of the Health and Supportive Services Manager, the SNS Testing Coordinator will oversee all daily aspects as they are relate to planning, implementing, and monitoring all SNS Enrollment, Coaching, Testing and Referral (SNS) services for clients enrolled and tested in HIPS SNS Program.

Program Responsibilities

  • Identifies and recruits high risk individuals for HIV testing and prevention education and provides navigation support, counseling and linkage to continuum of care system via inter agency program partners or other healthcare services.
  • Provides confidential HIV testing and counseling specifically targeting individuals with high-risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.
  • Coordinates referral to a HIPS Community Health Worker for preliminary positive clients for confirmatory  red carpet testing and linkage to medical care (same day or next business day).
  • Works with the Health and Supportive Services Manager to develop a formal  SNS  HIV testing outreach and marketing plan which will be distributed internally and externally
  • Implements the Social Network Strategy (SNS) by training and empowering SNS members and volunteers on outreach techniques.
  • Work within HIPS existing  referral and tracking system to ensure that HIV positive and negative clients are informed about and have access to complementary services such as primary medical care, Antiretroviral therapy (or other treatment options), risk reduction services, and other essential support services.
  • Coordinates off-site  SNS HIV testing events and requests with SNS recruiters
  • Maintains accurate participant files, program forms and applicable licenses.
  • Ensures all clients’ HIV test results are documented on the appropriate Test Log and reported to the Health and Supportive Services Manager
  • Enters client and program data and assists with the reporting of contract deliverables to the funder.
  • Performs quality assurance activities on a weekly basis to ensure accuracy and correct discrepancies if any.
  • Disseminates safer sex and harm reduction messages to the target community.
  • Assists with condom distribution.
  • Participates in monthly case conferences in which the HIV prevention and care teams meet to discuss program level of services, progress, upcoming events, outreach strategies etc.
  • Volunteerism is encouraged at HIPS’ sponsored events.


  • Attend weekly staff meetings, weekly one-on-one supervisions, monthly managers meetings, and monthly staff development days to share information and plan program work in team environment (3 hours/week)
  • As part of a team, share in other organizational responsibilities as required including general administrative work, and volunteer training and representing HIPS to at least (2) community stake holder groups. (2 hours/week)
  • Attend appropriate local, regional and national meetings to seek out current information about HIV prevention, treatment and care, and peer education and to disseminate information about HIPS programs to others


The position requires knowledge of local community and national resources around Harm Reduction, HIV Medical Providers, Drug Treatment Centers, HEP C and syringe exchange. Completion of the CDC Social Networking Strategy Training Mandatory (July 2015 in Washington DC. HIPS will register you.) This individual must work well as part of team and create a teamwork orientated atmosphere within the department. Experience working with sex workers, drug users, transgender individuals, harm-reduction philosophy, and anti-discrimination strategies. Individuals with industry experience are encouraged to apply.


This is a full time (40 Hours/week) contract position with no benefits. This position is based in the HIPS Drop-In Center and in the Community. Early morning/evening hours occasionally required. Occasional off-site duties include attending community partner meetings and HIPS community events.  Position is for 1 year based on satisfactory  performance in meeting deliverables. Position has the opportunity for an extended contract.  Some minimal lifting, physical activity, walking up stairs and sitting required.

To Apply:

Please send COVER LETTER and RESUME to “” with “Social Networking Contractor” in the subject line. NO PHONE CALLS please.